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» NAME: Neal Caffrey
» FANDOM: "White Collar"
» CANON POINT: Immediately following episode 3x11 "Checkmate"
» AGE: 36
» GENDER: Male
» ORIENTATION: Heterosexual
» COLLAR: Smooth black plastic, 1" wide, thicker on one side with what resembles a small electronic block-- essentially, a collar version of a tracking anklet. Here's a picture of his original anklet.

» YES: Neal's an old-fashioned romantic sort of type, so he's pretty much the typical vanilla stuff, with occasionally some light bondage (handcuffs, silk scarves, etc) mixed in.
» MAYBE: A notch or two up from the "Yes" column. Ask and we'll see.
» NO: Non-con. Heavy anything, and anything involving bodily functions, permanent injury, gore/vore, etc.
» PAIRING PREFERENCES: Neal/Kate, Neal/Alex, Neal/Sara (should they be around). He loves women, but isn't a womanizer. Neal/romance is his thing. Hetero only, curses excepted and that after discussion, case by case.

» APPEARANCE: PB is Matt Bomer, who plays Neal on the show. Neal stands just a shade under six feet tall, unless he’s wearing one of his old-school fedoras that he sports on a regular basis, the ones that match so nicely to the vintage styled, sharply tailored two- and three-piece suits that he wears nearly every day. Underneath those suits, Neal is exceptionally fit and athletic, preferring exercise like swimming to keep him lean and quick, traits that serve his chosen profession(s) better than bulk or combat know-how. He’s exceptionally handsome, his features blending both his natural boyish charm and his carefully cultivated easy-going, debonair attitude into a single, generally irresistible package. Neal’s most striking feature are his clear, light blue eyes, often his most devastating weapons of persuasion.

» PERSONALITY: Beyond his physical attributes, the words that most people who have any kind of encounter with Neal Caffrey might use include "friendly", "earnest", "suave", "cheerful" and above all, "charming". It's the face he shows to nearly everyone around him at all times, the one with the mischievously twinkling blue eyes, the confident stride and the air of being the coolest, most clever and most nonchalant person in the room. Both his friends (on either side of the law) and his "marks" get to see this Neal and very little else. Behind that, though, is a man who cares deeply for his few true friends like Mozzie or Peter and holds tight to them as the family he's been able to choose. The real Caffrey is also a hopeless romantic at heart, willing to do just about anything for the woman he's with. There's even an artist's instinct lurking in him, evidenced by the fact that when not using his talents to forge and mimic, he paints and creates original works for himself.

Neal has had three primary and significant relationships during his canon, all of which inform greatly on his dealings with love and sex. Kate Moreau was his first great love, a woman he brought into his life of crime after a failed con left them both penniless. Together they shared dreams of the one great score that would let them walk away from the world together and live happily ever after. After Kate was murdered before Neal's eyes, he was reluctant to open his heart again. Alex Walker was already a world-class thief when she and Neal met, and their relationship, while passionate, was rarely more than a momentary respite or convenience. Before their feelings could develop into something deeper, it was clear that Neal had moved on to a woman who did not represent the wild, unrestrained life of crime from which he was turning. Sara Ellis had every reason to want Neal behind bars and early on, that was her main interest in him. Soon, their attraction to each other's promise of a life lived right on the edge grew enough to get them together. That ended when Sara learned that Neal had been lying to her for months about a crime he'd committed, something he is and was desperate to make up to her for.

For most of his canon, Neal has spent his time balanced between a life of crime and one of crime-fighting, embodied by his two closest friends. On one side has always been Mozzie, who has been Neal's criminal partner, mentor and guru for most of his career. Neal trusts Mozzie implicitly, something truly rare among thieves, and Mozzie's utter contempt for "the system" feeds Neal's disregard for authority. On the other side, there is FBI Agent Peter Burke, who caught Neal twice, then gave Neal the opportunity to work as a consultant and atone for his crimes. While respecting Peter at first, Neal has come to consider him a best friend, humbled and amazed at the faith that Peter's actions have displayed-- a faith that Neal is, at heart, a good person. Burke's influence over the first two and a half years of their partnership culminate in Neal's eventual decision to walk away from a fortune in stolen art and jewelry in order to keep the life he had come to establish--working with the FBI, being close to Peter and his wife Elizabeth, having at least for a little while a relationship with Sara, and being a better person than he was before. This is the point in canon at which Neal will arrive in Atia.

» BACKGROUND: Once upon a time, Neal Caffrey was one of the most notorious and successful thieves in the world, evading capture for years until he was jailed by FBI Agent Peter Burke. After serving nearly his entire sentence, Neal escaped only to be recaptured. This time, seeing an opportunity, Burke brought Caffrey in as a "criminal consultant" to the FBI's White Collar Crimes Division. In hopes of reducing his sentence, Neal began to help the FBI arrest other forgers, embezzlers and con men by turning his knowledge and talents to the side of the law. Never really breaking away from the underworld, however, Neal was often involved in illegal side ventures. One of these included him coming into possession of a massive treasure trove of stolen art and jewelry-- a treasure that brought Neal no end of trouble, including the kidnapping of Burke's wife, whose rescue required Neal give up the treasure.

» OTHER: No matter how nice and friendly and generally one of the good guys he is, the fact of the matter is that Neal spent nearly his entire adult life making a living as a thief and a con man. His list of skills include things like lock-picking, forgery and safe-cracking. There are instincts and habits that just won't die hard and I'm pretty sure he'll have a brush or two with local law enforcement.


» OOC JOURNAL: [personal profile] dark_wesley


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